Juynboll Fellowship

Deadline: 1 April 2018

Maximum contribution: €2000,-

The Juynboll Foundation and the Scaliger Institute of Leiden University Libraries have founded a collaborative fellowship program to enable one or two scholars to study the Arabic and Islam collections of Leiden University Libraries. The program will support scholars to work with the extensive Special Collection of Leiden University in the field of Arabic and Islam for a period of one to two months annually. They will be invited to share their research through public lectures and publications. Fellows who have previously received a fellowship from the Scaliger Institute, cannot obtain this grant a second time.


  • The research has to comply with the aims of the Juynboll Foundation.
  • A scholar or teacher from Leiden supports the application.
  • Fellows are expected to conduct their research at the Leiden University Libraries and/or The Scaliger Institute during the period of the Fellowship.
  • Fellows are responsible for obtaining the correct visa to support a research trip in the Netherlands for the duration of the fellowship. Once the proposal is accepted, awarding of the Fellowship will be on the condition of fulfilling this requirement.
  • All Fellowships are to be started and completed between May 2018 and December 2018, except when a special agreement is made.
  • It is the Fellow’s responsibility to find accommodation for living (with the support of the Housing Department of Leiden University) and to cover all the costs of the visit with the support of funds awarded. Applicants should be aware that accommodation costs in Leiden may exceed the funds offered

Services to be rendered

  • The fellow will need to donate one copy of every publication resulting from the research visit
  • The fellow will provide the Scaliger Institute with a written research report at the completion of the Fellowship
  • The fellow will need to contribute to the activities of the Scaliger Institute
  • The fellow will need to give a lecture at the Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society (LUCIS)

Applications must include

  • A completed application form
  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • A list of relevant publications
  • A proposal (maximum 1200 words) for research to be carried out in the Special collections of Leiden University Library during the terms of the fellowship. Applicants should indicate how the proposed study advances their own research goals and how the study advances their own research goals and how the study satisfies any particular aims of the award
  • The research proposal must specify the relation between the proposed research and the primary sources, which are to be researched and consulted in the Special Collections Department of the library
  • A list of manuscripts, editions of other items to be consulted in the library, supplied with shelf marks
  • A start and end date of the proposed research
  • Two letters of recommendation from the academic referees. Applicants should ask the referees to comment on their professional knowledge of the applicant and the contribution the proposed research would make to scholarship.
  • Researchers who have yet to obtain their doctoral degree also need to have a letter of recommendation from their supervisor(s)

Send the application with all enclosures attached to the Foundation`s secretary.