Grants to finish a PhD-track

Maximum contribution: €8000,-/€2000,- per month

The Juynboll Foundation wants to support talented PhD-students by offering grants to finish their PhD-tracks. This grant supports scholars for a period of around four months, by providing financial support to do preparatory research. This contribution is awarded based on monthly progress reports. Scholars can apply for this grant once a year.


  • The research has to comply with the aims of the Juynboll Foundation
  • The applicant has been admitted to a PhD-track at Leiden University
  • Location of the research is Leiden
  • At the moment of application and at the moment of doing the research, the applicant does not have paid employment or only has a partial appointment

Services to be rendered

  • Monthly progress reports on the basis of which the monthly grant will be awarded.

Applications must include

  • A completed application form
  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter written by the promoter and the co-promoter discussing (1) the progress of the PhD-track and a deadline for finishing the PhD-track of at most 12 months after the beginning of the Juynboll grant, (2) the quality of the work of the PhD-student
  • An available part of the dissertation, approved by the promoter
  • A study plan for the duration of the grant application
  • A schedule for the duration of the grant application

Send the application with all enclosures attached to the Foundation`s secretary.